WS2 STEPPING CULTURE: A Contemporary Approach to Folk Dances (Dieser Workshop fällt aus)

In this workshop we will play with various musical scores and rhythmic patterns of different Spanish Folk Dances (Muñeira, Jota, Bolero, Seguidilla) from a contemporary perspective, in a way that participants may interact and challenge the physical relation between their inner and outer sense of rhythm and musicality.

Taking our impulses from sensorial experience, we will work on coordinating the upper and the lower limbs while learning and practicing with joy a variety of choreographic group and solo structures. There will be room also for improvisation, where the participants can play with themselves and with the others to invoke the cultural and ritualistic aspects which may reside in every step of dance we make and which shape our lives.

Verónica Garzón holds an Advanced-Degree Qualification in Performance and Choreography on Spanish and Folk Dances; nowadays she is immersed as a dancer, choreographer, and movement assistant, in several choreographic projects, related to this topic.