LIVE Online Classes with DAS PLATEAU teachers

The teachers from DAS PLATEAU offer LIVE online dance and movement classes for dance enthusiasts. The updated information will be shown on this page. Therefore: PLEASE RELOAD THE PAGE.

Classes run on an open level for all those interested. The entry to the class is possible on any date. Beginners and those who are curious could also see it as an opportunity to experience dance and body movement at home through creative and mindfulness approaches.

For these online classes, DAS PLATEAU acts as a platform for offers and initiatives of our teachers. The respective teachers look forward to receiving and answering inquiries directly. The course fees are also to be paid directly to the teachers, for which their payment details are shared, when registering.

CURRENT CLASSES // time: GMT+2 Central European Summer Time

–––––––– Monday ––––––––

18:30–19:35 –– Tanzimprovisation with Jungyeon Kim

„Bewegungsimpulse werden bildhaft und sinnlich angeleitet...“ Sprache: Deutsch weitere Informationen

–––––––– Tuesday ––––––––

18:00–19:00 –– Awareness through improvisation with Miranda Glikson

Awareness through improvisation synchronizes our attention to a practice of playful perceptive movement-making..." Language: English Further Information

–––––––– Thursday ––––––––

18:00–19:00 –– Asymmetric realities with Jorge Bascuñan

"We will use improvisation scores to generate playful and challenging moments ... an exploration of space, levels, repetitions and movement dynamics, questioning both physical and digital presence..." Language: English Further Information

20:00–20:15 –– Salsa Somática with Amelia Uzategui Bonilla

"Here to bring a syncopation to your improv and a somatic entry to your Salsa. Please note: we welcome making mistakes." Language: English Further Information


After registering for a class, a confirmation email with a link will be sent. The link either leads directly to the 'studio' on your web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, if the course rooms are set up with "Jitsi", or to the installation or opening of the software of a video conference platform (such as "Zoom"). These softwares work with all computer devices and operating systems. There is no need for you to create an account.

Would you like to receive information on offers by DAS PLATEAU and their teachers in the future? Then write an email to us at info (at) dasplateau (dot) org with the keyword "Please send me info emails". Withdrawal from the mailing list is possible at any time.