Adam Shpira-Lintner

Yoanna Blikman

Adam Shpira-Lintner is a dancer and a dance mediator with a Master degree in Contemporary Dance Education (MA CoDE). I grew up hearing many stories about my ancestors being in threat because of their Jewish tradition. Many of them had to escape to other lands. I internalized a perspective in which life is unstable, and society might turn its back to some people because of them being associated with a given minority group. Alongside, I am acknowledging myself positioned on the privileged side many times in life by passing, for example, as: white\light-skin, mid class, heterosexual, cis man and abled body. With the help and support from so many beings I move forward, feel the breeze, inhale deeply, lean back, shake off, open, close, reach out, hang on, look inside, discover, recognize, release unnecessary efforts, embrace uniqueness, roll and rock, and giggle for a while hi hi hi ha ha haaa. My main intentions in my work are to encourage critical thinking, to resist systems of oppressions, and to strive towards a more inclusive society.