Ewelina Zielonka

EWELINA ZIELONKA was born in Poland where she studied contemporary dance at PPSKAK in Kalisz. In 2013 she graduated from Anton Bruckner University Linz/A with a BA in Movement Studies, Performance and Dance Pedagogy and in 2015 she obtained her MA from the MA CoDE program at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. Her MA Thesis investigated environmental awareness as an entry point to move and dance in outdoor places (www.ewelinyzielonki.wix.com/the-sense-of-place). Currently Ewelina works as a freelancer in Frankfurt. She continues to investigate dance and movement training in unconventional settings and engages with a diversity of target groups. On a regular basis she works as a contemporary dance teacher for adults as well as for young children in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.