Amelia Uzategui Bonilla

Scott Tsuchitani

she/they, dance artist and researcher.

Floor-work, contact improvisation, Afro-diaspora forms, improvisation and somatic practices have all expanded Amelia's physical perspectives. Their classes and choreography create multi-disciplinary experiences with theoretical influences that encourage the transformation of colonial and patriarchal structures.

Born in Peru and migrating to Los Angeles as a child, Amelia attributes accessing dance to parent, Ana Bonilla, a traditional dancer. She completed the Juilliard School's bachelor dance program in New York City and the MA in contemporary dance education at the HfMDK in Frankfurt with working experiences in New York, California, Peru and Germany.

Mentored by Anna Halprin, post-modern dance and expressive arts pioneer, Amelia practices as a certified practitioner in the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®. In 2014, Amelia cofounded Río Danza Comunitaria, a dance education collective supporting ecological activism and continues this proposal with Global Water Dances Frankfurt.