WS 9 Groove Together!

Sa 22. Okt. 10:00 – 12:00
30,00 € / 24,00 € (ermäßigt*)
Level: open
Sprache: English / Deutsch

(English)  In this Workshop we aim to extend our movement experience beyond our own skin, bones, and muscles, to encompass how the body’s senses of proprioception, kinesthesia, balance, pulse, and touch can establish a type of moving togetherness. We will explore moving as a dynamic community and observe what information stimulates a change in the quality of our movements, and our individual rhythms. How do we respond to collective energy, how do we take part in a common groove, and as Steve Paxton encourages, how can we view “consciousness as a fluid – able to fill any shape it encounters, given patience.” (Paxton, 2018)

(Deutsch) In diesem Workshop wollen wir unsere Bewegungserfahrung über unsere eigene Haut, Knochen und Muskeln hinaus erweitern und umfassen, wie die Sinne des Körpers von Propriozeption, Kinästhesie, Gleichgewicht, Puls und Berührung eine Art sich bewegendes Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl etablieren können. Wir werden das Bewegen als dynamische Gemeinschaft erforschen und beobachten, welche Informationen eine Veränderung der Qualität unserer Bewegungen und unserer individuellen Rhythmen anregen. Wie reagieren wir auf kollektive Energie, wie nehmen wir an einem gemeinsamen Groove teil, und wie Steve Paxton ermutigt, wie können wir „Bewusstsein als eine Flüssigkeit betrachten – in der Lage, jede Form zu füllen, der es begegnet, wenn man Geduld hat“. (Paxton, 2018)

Jason Adam Jacobs

Ralf Grömminger

Jason Jacobs is a dancer, choreographer, educator and entrepreneur based in Frankfurt. He has choreographed and performed internationally with companies, including Hofesh Shechter, Johannes Wieland, Complexions Contemporary Ballet and North Carolina Dance Theater. In 2014 he received a Master in Contemporary Dance Education from the HfMDK Frankfurt. Together with choreographer Ekaterine Giorgadze he developed choreographic and research projects as MuddyBoots from 2012 - 2016. He teaches in dance institutions throughout Europe, including the Anton Bruckner University, Zurich University for the Arts and currently is on faculty at HFMDK Frankfurt. From 2018 - 2020 he was rehearsal director for tanzmainz at the Staatstheater Mainz. Together with Giorgadze, he coordinates the dance and kindergarten project Moove On from Tanzplattform RheinMain and CRESPO Foundation. In 2021 he began developing an AI- powered platform for learning dance movement with the Hungarian software engineers RoutePatch and the Hessian State Ballet. In 2022 he completed an Executive MBA at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and founded  a healthTech Startup which offers guided contemporary dance movement sessions for people who suffer from issues related to sedentary working conditions. Jason’s mission is to find ways to make embodied knowledge visible and find ways to create sustainable structures for dance artists to spread the value of movement experiences.