WS 2 (Contact)Impro

Fr 14. Okt. 14:30 – 16:30; Sa 15. Okt. 14:30 – 16:30
60,00 € / 48,00 € (ermäßigt*)
Level: open
Sprache: English

The class will provide tools to explore the physical and sensorial aspects of our bodies. The structure is shaped from a warm up inspired by somatic practices, anatomy and martial arts, followed by floor work elements seeking moments of (contact) improvisation. With the lens on the physical forces observed on the transfer of weight, balance, flow and rhythmic dynamics the aim is to find an autonomy of creation and identity in the relationship between the bodies. I am looking for playful moments in order to step out of our comfortable zones. From individual to collective investigations, we activate our presence to generate an available body.

Jorge Bascuñan

Jorge Bascuñan is a Brazilian Freelance Artist, Teacher, and Choreographer, currently based in Frankfurt am Main. Since October 2016 he is involved in MA CoDE – master program in contemporary dance education (HfMDK, Germany). As educational Background, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, and he is certificated in Cinematography and Actor’s Direction both at his hometown, São Paulo. Jorge is co-director of the ‘Baillistas Collective’ of Photography and Multi-art, and within his independent work, he questions constructed meanings of social masks, situating the body in coexistence with space. Merging photography, drawing, sounds, and text with movement research he understands dance as a way of communication contextualizing the research within the realm of art and politics.